Is data recovery from an iPhone/iPad possible?

(This is an update of a post we wrote a few months ago, but a lot of people have been calling us about recovering data from iPhones, so it does bear repeating)

Short answer: maybe

Long answer: yes, but it really depends on what has happened to your data, i.e. did you delete photos, erase all content and settings, or is your device not turning on at all? These are all very different scenarios and will affect the likelihood of being able to recover your data.

Apart from trying to recover data directly from your iPhone/iPad, there might be another option; we might be able to recover data from an iTunes backup that you didn’t even know you had. How you ask? If you’ve ever connected your iPhone/iPad to your computer, iTunes would have asked if you would to keep your backups on iCloud or on ‘this computer’.

(click to enlarge)

If you have chosen the iCloud option, click here and then enter your Apple ID and password (the same one that you use to buy songs from iTunes for example) and you should see something like this, and with a little luck, the data you are looking for might be there.

If the option to back up to ‘this computer’ has been chosen, then we might be able to help. Every time you plug-in your iPhone/iPad to charge at night (as long as your computer and device are on the same wi-fi network) your iPhone/iPad should have been backing up to your computer. Here at Data Recovery Works we have software that allows us to access these backups and try to recovery your data. If you are someone who is comfortable installing and using software downloaded from the Internet, this could be the type of issue you try to fix on your own – be careful though and follow all instructions that come with the software! If you’d rather leave it to the professionals, bring in your computer and we can have a look at it for you.

If you would like more information about the above processes, check out the Apple KB articles here and here.

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Why is my hard drive clicking?

What’s that sound?

Can you hear a click? As you can probably imagine, unusual sounds coming from your hard drive are not a good thing, but it doesn’t mean that your data is lost forever! Check out our post about hard drives to learn a little about how your data is stored. If you look below, you can see the tiny head that is responsible for reading and writing data to your drive.

bad head

So what exactly is causing that sound anyway? Here is a little video we took from a drive with bad heads to show you what is happening inside the hard drive.

Now what??

Okay, so if you’re hearing a clicking sound from your hard drive, it’s probably an issue with the heads. That is just about the worst-case scenario and it definitely means that you’ll have to have a data recovery professional look at the drive. In order to get your data back, it’s likely that the heads will need to be swapped with parts from a donor drive. All hope is not lost, and your data isn’t necessarily lost forever!

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