We provide a variety of data recovery services, including all of the following:

Hard Drives

Hard drives generally come in two form factors: 3.5” which you normally see in desktops and external hard drives, and 2.5” which are often found in laptops and portable hard drives. Problems with these drives fall into 2 categories: logical and physical.

Logical problems can include such things as issues with the master boot record (MBR), partition table, or $catalog file. It can also include accidentally deleted files or formatted partitions and bad sectors. With most logical recoveries, we aim to have your data back to you within 2-4 days; the cost of recovery for the most common problems is usually $325-$425 (incl. GST).

Physical recoveries are more complicated and can include issues such as extensive bad sectors, faulty electronics, or a head crash, which is when the magnetic read/write head touches the platter. Physical issues may involve sourcing a replacement donor drive, which can delay the recovery process.

We have experience with a wide variety of disk manufacturers, drive types, and operating systems; if you’ve suffered data loss, bring your drive to us and we will provide you with a diagnostic report and discuss your options for recovery.

USB Flash Drives

While they don’t have any moving parts, USB flash drives (aka thumb drives, flash drives, USB keys) still have their fair share of problems. Like hard drives, they can experience logical and physical issues. Logical problems are apparent if you have plugged in your USB drive and the computer has either not recognised it, or told you that you need to format it (don’t choose this!) in order to use it. Accidentally deleting that presentation for work or your vacation photos would also fall under this category. Prices for recovery in these cases start at $120 (incl. GST).

Physical problems with these drives often stem from accidental misuse; leaving the drive in the laptop when you carry it or put it into its bag/case is not advisable. Even if you have broken the USB connector, don’t fret, repair is possible. Physical recovery for these devices starts at $120 (incl. GST).

Memory Cards

Like USB flash drives, memory cards have no moving parts, but are not immune to problems which can lead to data loss. Common problems with memory cards often result from switching cards between different cameras, accidentally deleting images or formatting the card, not ‘ejecting’ the card from your computer before physical removing the device, or problems with your camera. These problems all fall under logical recovery, the cost for which starts at $120 (incl. GST).

Physical problems with these drives are less common, but can include damage to the contacts, often from extended use.

Mobile Phones and Tablets

While the architecture for smartphones and tablets is different from most hard drives, data recovery is often still possible. Factors that can affect the recovery include the make and model of your phone, the version of the operating system that your phone uses, and whether or not there is physical damage to your device. Due to the number of variables, it is difficult to determine the recovery cost from these devices, please contact us for more information.


RAID can be used to combine multiple devices in order to make them more reliable, perform better, increase capacity, for backup purposes, or to recover from disk failure. Factors affecting the cost of recovery include the RAID level, and the number and capacity of the drives. If you would like more information about data recovery from a RAID array, please contact us.

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