We know how important your privacy is to you, and it is something we take very seriously. Because a hard drive or USB key can have a lot of personal information on it, we have instituted a number of policies and procedures to make sure it stays private. When you leave your device with us, you can be sure we will treat it as if it were our own.

  • • Our recovery specialists are under full non-disclosure agreements
  • • The evaluation and recovery process is conducted in a secure lab with controlled access to ensure the confidentiality of your data at all times
  • • All data is treated as sensitive and is accessed only by necessary personnel for the purposes of evaluation and recovery only
  • • Your recovered data is stored on our secured systems for 5 business days, allowing time for you to verify the data integrity and transfer it back to your system/device. It is then overwritten using a sector-by-sector data destruction utility with pre-determined characters, thus ensuring complete data destruction – even we couldn’t get it back after this step!

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