iPhone Data Recovery?

If you have an iPhone 4s or earlier, it might be possible to use forensics hardware to recover your data. Any model after the 4s, and it is fairly unlikely, unfortunately.

If you have ever connected your iPhone to your computer via iTunes, there might be another way.

If ‘iCloud’ is selected, just go to iCloud.com and login with your Apple ID and password (the same one you use if you buy anything from iTunes). Here you will be able to see your data that has been backed up on iCloud.

If ‘This computer’ is selected, look at the date of the latest backup, on the right. Your iPhone may have been syncing with your computer when you plug it in to charge at night. If this is the case, we might be able to recover your data from this computer. Contact us for more information!

You should probably get that iOS 11.1 update…

And for two major reasons:

1] A fix for the KRACK vulnerability you may nor may not have heard about.
2] 70 new emojis:)

While those 2 should probably be enough for most people to upgrade, there are a number of other fixes too, both for security and functionality of your device, including possible fixes for battery life.


Updating is easy, just click Settings/Software Update

Did we mention you need to back-up before you update?


Before you upgrade to iOS11…

…backup your device! These days the upgrade process tends to go smoothly, but whenever making changes to the operating system of a device, there is a small chance something could go wrong and you might have data loss. There are two ways your iPhone/iPad could be backed up: 1] to iCloud 2] to your computer. Open up iTunes and you can see which one you are doing and the date of the last backup. The advantage to a local backup is that if you need to restore your phone, you don’t have to wait for it to download everything from the cloud, whereas with the cloud you can restore your phone regardless of where your computer is.

If something happens to your iPhone/iPad during the upgrade process, it is very unlikely that data recovery will be possible, so this backup is important. If you do need data recovery from other devices, get in touch with us today!